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Problems with my Ps3):?


Im having problems with my Ps3, I insert the game and the ps3 wont read it, then it makes a ejecting noise but the game doesn’t come out? What do I do? Where do I go? And how much will it be?. p.s I don’t know if I have warranty anymore I got it like 3 years ago on Christmas. How do we find out if I still have warranty?

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  1. Well you’re definitely not going to have warranty anymore unless you bought an extended warranty.

    I too, had this problem. My little brother jammed a PSP disc inside my PS3. I took it apart and got it out BUT I made on mistake that cost my whole PS3. The little cable connecting the blu ray drive to the motherboard broke so my ps3’s blu ray drive permanently broke.

    If I were you, send it to Sony if you want someone who is authorized to repair your PS3. If you send it to them it will cost $150 I believe but you’re going to be CERTAIN you get a working PS3 somehow.

    If you want to save some money, go to another repair place like Gophermods, Video Game 911, etc. Just google PlayStation 3 repair and you’ll find plenty.

    If you’re ambitious and good with taking things apart you can try to take your PS3 apart and see what the problem is. I looked up videos on youtube and they helped me take it apart.

  2. call sony the phone number is 1-800-345-7669 its gonna cost you about 99 dollars to get it fixed if i were you i strongly recommend you taking it to playstation or take it to your local shop to get it fixed just search up on google ps3 repairs near your zip code or ps3 repairs in the city you live in its cheaper to take it to your local shop you save 40 dollars and make sure there professional technicians

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