Home Playstation Forum plz help with connectin a hdmi cable into ps3.?

plz help with connectin a hdmi cable into ps3.?


i got a hdmi cable yesterday but i cant c any difference plz help me. how do i connect it properly. i tried usin the hdmi cable only and unplugin the scart lead but it didnt work. what do i do plz i need help i wanna watch movies and get the most out of the ps3 and my tv (bush 32″ hd ready) plz if u culd include step by step. i no i prob have to change settings on the ps3 but i tried the first setting under display settings but nothing happens.

plz any1 with a ps3 conected to a tv and workin hd plz answer or any1 else who can. i heard that gta4 looks a lot different so i tried to check bit no diff.anyways thanks.

will give best answer(dont 4get step by step if u can ty =).

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  1. Plug the HDMI in as well as the AVI, go to display settings and change the output to HDMI instead of AVI.

    Then with the remote control change the TV to the HDMI channel, you WILL notice the difference.

    it will look much better :).

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