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Pluses on PS3? Im a Sony fan and I dont wana b dissapointed on Xmas. Every1 sayin, it has blueray! Is that it?


I need all the positive things you can think of on the PS3! I need u2 straight up praise it! I need help ASAP. Christmas is here and i do not wana be dissapointed by the PS3.

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  1. lets see top games out now including the best MGS4 compared to 360 it has free internet trophys instead of achievements a trophy case looks better it has the best lineup of upcoming games with AAA titles such as Killzone 2 Uncharted 2 and god of War 3 it has the best graphics around work on 1080p and 1080i only console to do that and compared to wii superior far superior ps3 is fit to casual extreme and any gamer its the best console around you won’t be dissapointed

  2. It has BLURAY-DRIVE.

    It is capable of PLAYING GAMES IN HIGH DEFINITION, without having to worry about whether they were too much for the graphics card.

    It can play PS3 games as well as PS2 and PS1 ones.

    It can play every kind of disc there is except for HD-DVDs.

    It can easily copy all music from your Audio-CDs to its hard drive.

    It has a pretty big hard disc.

    A huge only community is there.

    There is a PlayStation Store only accessible from the PS3.

    There is a huge selection of games and blu-ray movies for the PS3.

    It offers amazing graphics.

    And sound, too.

    And I’m sure, once you’re using it, you’ll discover a lot more fun and interesting things.

  3. playstation home

    a mess load of new great games

    resistance 2

    little big planet

    metal gear solid

    fallout 3


    Dead space


    and 1st 3 months next year

    street fighter 4

    killzone 2

    resident evil 5

  4. In addition to what has already been said, the web browser is pretty sweet. it plays flash media which means you can go to websites and view flash content. I use mine to view shows at hulu.com, movies at watch-movies.net and nbc.com to catch up on Heroes episodes. You can also view youtube videos. Basically if you can watch it on your computer you should be able to watch it on your ps3.

    Do you have a psp? If you do you can access the content on your ps3 from anywhere in the world using your psp(as long as you have a wifi connection). That means you can view saved videos, listen to saved music, view your pics and play any games that you have downloaded(not ps3 games though).

    The blu-ray player upconverts standard dvd’s to near hi-def quality. Not to blu-ray quality but definitely enough to tell the difference.

    There was an article stating that next year 3d gaming may be coming to the ps3 which, if it works, will make it more awesome than what it already is.

    If you want more memory you can upgrade the hard drive without voiding out the warranty. And it is simple. You pull out the drive and put another one in. The ps3 recognizes and there you go. I upgraded my 60gb to 250.

    You have the ability to install other operating systems. I have mine running Linux.

    You can now rent and buy movies from the playstation store using your ps3.

    There is a program called folding@home that you can run when you aren’t playing the system. It is a worldwide collective of computers and ps3’s that is working to find cures for sicknesses like cancer. Do a google search for it. Its pretty cool. There is also a prgram that allows you to view news stories from around the world. And both are free.

    Online play is free.

    2009 is going to be the year of the ps3 as far as games go. They have some awesome things happening next year. And don’t listen to the “360 has more games” crap. PSXtreme had an article stating that the amount of games for the ps3 is catching up to the 360.

    Unfortunately the models that are being made now doesn’t have backwards compatibility so you won’t be able to play ps1/ps2 games. Unless you are getting one of the 20, 60 or the old 80 gig systems. But it is still the way to go when it comes to gaming systems.

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