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Playstation Network Problem?


ok.so I just got Resident Evil 5 and im signed into PSN and tested the connection and everything seems ok. But then when I start up RE5, it has an update.but the update only goes to about 7-12% then just stops for like 30 secconds.then it says an error has accoured.you have been signed out of playstation network.So this prevents me from playing Co-op in RE5 or even playing it at all while being online.what do I do?

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  1. Something similar happened to me. When I went to play the actual game (after the download and installation was over with), I was also signed out of PSN. The difference with my problem is that the game itself asked me to sign in to the PSN.

    I would do as the first answer suggests, and then go from there.

  2. Yes, delete all save data for Resi 5 THEN double check your internet connection is good and that it doesn’t keep lowering signal. What i mean by that is if you test the connection, and it shows good that doesn’t mean it’ll stay like that!

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