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Playstation has better games than Xbox?


Should I buy the new Xbox when it releases next year

I have a PS3 but I love the PS3 games better as they have a variety of exlusives than the Xbox

I hope the new Xbox has better games

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  1. lmao @ Xbox getting better games, it will never happen, instead of focusing on something new & original as an exclusive for their console the decided to go with more Halo, didnt even bother to w8 on the next generation and there was another 1, there was also another Gears, Gears is better than Halo so im kl with that but seriously, Xbox wont b getting anything overly special, maybe another Forza & Alan Wake (Alan Wake was awesome) but if they keep going they way they are going, dnt expect anything new.

    .PS4 FTW.

  2. Xbox has one game that PS3 doesnt and that is halo. if you want to play halo then you have to get a box, but if u dont play halo then PS3 is way bette and has the same games virtually. oh and the big selling point? INTERNET IS FREE!!

  3. This question only leads to biased answers.

    Some people prefer the Playstation, some people prefer the Xbox.

    I personally prefer keyboard and mouse 😉

  4. Depends on what are the main things you look at if you want free internet and some other games that are exclusive to PS3 then i suggest you get a PS3. But in my opinion Xbox has options like party and other games that Microsoft Studios together with other Independent Studios make. The new Xbox will definetly try and introduce something that will differentiate it from the PS3 so it depends on what type of gamer you are?

  5. well they might have more/better exclusives but the having to pay for xbox live makes xbox better because its more reliable than crappy psn that is almost always down, and * control, are u stupid. microsoft puts way more time into the xbox then sony puts into the ps3.

  6. just look at games on current gen. e.g. xbox get halo and gears of war whereas ps3 get god of war and killzone. they’re pretty much the same console so just choose the games you like.

  7. Playstation has more first party devs ready to pump tons of exclusives out each year so it’s totally up to you- forza or gran turismo, kill zone vs halo or gears of war, which ones do you prefer and it’s up to you. I’m a playstation guy only cuz the exclusives I believe are more entertaining and show the full potential of what Sonys products can do.

  8. I’d get the PS4 instead. Sony actually takes time and effort into the playstation brand, while Microsoft just see Xbox as a quick cash in. The basically gave the finger to all their hardcore gamers and now focus on the kinect. Who knows. Microsoft may surprise me with the 720 reveal, but I highly doubt it.

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