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Playstation 3 question please help?


K i was wandering i gameshared off my friend but then i realized u could get in trouble for doing that so i deactivate my friends account the one i gameshared and bought a psn card and bought the map packs am i good i will not get in trouble cause i dont want to lose my account

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  1. your fine. esp since you deleted the downloaded content and bought it on your psn card. but your allowed to gameshare downloaded games/content with up to 5 consoles.

  2. The only people who get caught are the people who do it religiously or in excess and do it with several people. You’ll be fine. Even if you did somehow get caught, Sony probably would not ban your account permanently.

  3. Calm down man, Everybody game shares, Sony could not catch the amount of people that gameshare 80% of people do it, Sony wouldn’t be able to crack down on all of them, your in the clear so calm down man.

    Hoped I helped!

  4. NO your not screwed and sony wont find out

    just dont listen to snorlax and dont do it again

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