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Options For Fixing Your Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error


If you are experiencing the Xbox 360 3 red lights error then you’re just one of a growing demographic of Xbox owners. Some sources indicate that as much as 20% of Xbox owners have come across this deadly error. This is why it is important to know your options for fixing your Xbox 360 three red lights error.

Before you go about delving into a fix it is important to know the cause of this error. The issue is caused by overheating of your Xbox, plain and simple. There are three methods to correct this problem can begin using your Xbox 360 again.

The first method is to simply try to manually fix the overheating issues by cooling the Xbox during each use. I have to say, however, most people do not have good luck with this method and it should be considered a temporary solution so as to not cause further damage.

The second option is to send your unit back to Microsoft. However if you are not under warranty you you will have to fork over $140. In addition to this, whether or not you are under warranty, but you’ll have to wait for six to eight weeks for the repair.

Your third, and final, option is to conduct the repair yourself. This method is growing easier and easier as more people have done it. You can now find guides out there that provide very simple instructions and even video tutorials on how to complete the repair. This option will also eliminate the wait and allow you to repair your Xbox in as little as one hour from now.

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