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My Xbox One Racing Simulator!


My Xbox One Racing Simulator!


  1. Just so everybody knows about 2 weeks after this video was uploaded I figured out how to shift into reverse. I encourage everyone to check out my channel where I have lots of gameplay and real life racing videos. Thanks

  2. I like how you mention the prices AS IF you paid for any of it. Save your bragging for your snot nosed friends. No need to brag to all of us. Your 1 of a million little shits on here who think you have it made…

  3. good video! im glad i ran into this video because that steering wheel setup (excluding the seat, ill just use my dxracer chair) is exactly what im looking for.

  4. That setup looks really good. I've just ordered a GT Omega stand myself for my brand new T300 GTE and T3PA pedals. Don't have a seat yet though, or the TH8A shifter.

    How does the stand respond to the feedback from the wheelbase? Does it wobble about much?

  5. the brake is stiffer to simulate a real car buddy. Deadzone to 40 on the break is really high I recommend you to sit in a real car and try the break, and you'll remove all the Deadzone.

  6. well, i got it all setup and the only game i've tried is project cars. i have to use the paddles to shift to revers because pressing down does nothing for me =/ ah well. otherwise, it's pretty awesome though

  7. i'm sure you may have figured it out…but i read that you press down on the shift stick to go in reverse. i just ordered the logitech g29 version of that wheel with the shift stick, and the gt omega wheel stand as well. how is it now that you've had some time with it? pretty excited for it all to come in the mail!

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