Home Xbox Forum My xbox had the red rings So i used the towel trick...

My xbox had the red rings So i used the towel trick and it worked for like a month well its back?


So is there a way that i can do it again or is it a one time deal?

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  1. mine has that too and i also tried the towel trick and it worked but the next day it got it again so i tried it again it worked

    i recommend returning it or try the towel trick again

  2. I guess you could try, fix it for a month and have it break again. Or you could just get it fixed for free and possibly never have to fix it again. Your choice =)

  3. The towel trick only works for a short period of time a month was probably the longest I have heard. With that said the towel trick will only damage your system further if you continue to do it. I know it sucks being without your console but I would not recommend continued heatings as you will most definitely damage it more. These items are not meant to be heated up so much. Send it in for repair is about the best thing you could do for your console. Good Luck

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