Home Xbox Forum My xbox crashes on loading screens in skyrim.?

My xbox crashes on loading screens in skyrim.?


I have been playing the game since it was released in 2011. I have had at least 5 different characters that I’ve played with, and put at least 50 hours into each character. I downloaded all 3 DLCs and I have been playing them with my latest character for about a month. But the other day my Xbox started freezing on loading screens, and now I can’t play at all. I went and deleted all of my saves so i have no characters left. But the game still doesn’t work!

I think the Cd might be ruined, should i buy a new one? my Xbox works just fine, other games work and it never even glitches for them.

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  1. I had the same problem to. Don’t buy a new game. It will still have the same problem. Just go to your hardrive and click on skyrim. Delete all the useless saves and save the important ones. If you deleted enough it should be working just fine.

  2. Afraid to break it 2 u but this is actually a common issue with these types of games (RPGs) thats why i quit playing it the updates r shitty as hell i bought that holiday bundle in the December 2012 last year it came with Skyrim digital download voucher but it froze on me over 15 times in 3 days so yea all i can say is it will keep freezing its a common and pretty much inevitable all in all just hope for the best.

  3. buy a new game, then take the ruined cd and go to tell them it doesnot work, they will give you a new one and you will have 2 cd´s por the price of 1. there is a program named modio where you can download gamesaves, it helps because it saves many hours of gameplay.

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