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MW2 whats a modded controller?


what is it give a big discription for

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  1. A modded controller is one that has been modified by altering the wiring or installing extra circuits in order to let a player cheat at games. The main two types I come across regularly are rapid fire mods, where a single press of the fire button is read as a multiple press, and lag switching, where a secondary feed is taken from the controller to the router, causing the game to pause momentarily while keeping the player mobile. Both types of modified controller are banned by most online game sites, as they cause instability in the game coding and can crash sites. If you get caught using them you can have your account suspended.

    Should you be determined to cheat, try googling modded controller and the platform you use and there are loads of vids showing how to modify your own controller. There are some online sellers who do sell them, but remember these things are not authorised and may cause you problems.

    I would also like to say that I personally think that anybody who uses a modded controller or a lag switch to cheat on an online game is a sad and lame individual who should learn to play the game properly instead of taking the easy way out and spoiling the game for everybody else.

  2. well everyone basically answered it but they do cost alot. A whole moded controller is about 80 bucks and the kit are around 15 but are really hard to put in( i broke my last controller trying) so i thought you might like this. go to mykwilwin.com they sell a mod kit for 10 bucks and its hella easy to install. im only 16 and did it in 5 mins so its pretty easy haha

    good luck!

  3. It depends. It can have rapid fire functions, cosmetic functions, ect. I bought one from Geniusmods.com that cost me barely more than a normal controller would cost and it had all sorts of crazy things added to it and I am in love.

  4. Its a button on the back of the controller, It will shoot out all the bullets in a gun very fast,

    It doesnt work with all guns, but it works with pistols, guns like the FAL ect.

  5. a modded controller is one that simulates you pressing the button fast

    so on a semi auto rifle/pistol you can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger on a modded controller you just hold down the button and it shoots amazingly fast

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