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MotionSports Adrenaline Review – itsGOML.com


MotionSports Adrenaline Review - itsGOML.com

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  1. (I'm not here to mock you, just here to give some constructive criticism) You didn't but hardly give a review of this game. There was pretty much nothing at all even said in this other than swearing, and that's saying something considering how much other Youtubers swear and still get their point across: you only really swore. 

    Next, how is song LOOPING bad? ALL songs in video games loop if you wait long enough. And if you meant something other than looping or a more specific application of it, you /didn't explain it/, hence my previous words on your not really reviewing the game.

    It seems you have nervous laughter and speech; while not morally or ethically wrong to have, for the purpose of a review it won't really work. I suggest you keep making videos (yes, I have checked and seen your last one was made 5 months ago) and specifically target those parts of your speech: if you find yourself laughing because you're not necessarily sure what to say, immediately stop and think about what you're trying to say (obviously cutting all of that out of the footage) and be sure to make it come across clearly and precisely. Keep in mind I'm not trying to tell you to not swear, but more so that swearing mindlessly won't do anything for your views or the quality of your video.

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