Home Xbox Games Metro: 2033 Redux – Survival Hardcore Walkthrough – Part 1 (XboxOne)

Metro: 2033 Redux – Survival Hardcore Walkthrough – Part 1 (XboxOne)


Metro: 2033 Redux - Survival Hardcore Walkthrough - Part 1 (XboxOne)


  1. Centerstrain dude I know it's too late but you missed the plot and the shot with this walk through. I know you haven't read the book since if you did you wouldn't need to comment on the game.

  2. can you do the mission plz, I know that you want to look for items, but it is annoying atching someone do everything but the objective in a playthrough

  3. just got both on Xbox one, looking forward to playing. I rented last light when it first came out, it was very fun

  4. you always say your going to be stealthy 100% and on the hardest difficulty the game has to offer?? and your doing hardcore!.. hardcore isn't the highest difficulty in this game.. so much for your word to the viewers sir

  5. This game is ok,but I enjoy fast pace games,with a lot of blood,and heavy on the gore side.

  6. Dude whatching your walkthrough its like whatching a movie, so great! subscribed!

  7. its funny how in the games they kinda let on about the rangers early were in the books its only around polis and the library do you find out about them

  8. Question.,do the dark ones(aliens)have a direct correlation with the mutants? or are the mutants just alien too or mutated animals from earth. and why did the aliens go to earth
    and why.???

  9. Hmm 5 companies involved in making this game happen. Means it took alot of $ and time to get it done. Watching the main screen. Oh boy i heard it has a very good story and in a nutshell a excellent exciting experience. I don't know why i like "post apocalyptic" games.

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