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Let’s Play The Swindle – Steampunk, Stealth and So Many Sirens in New The Swindle Gameplay


The Swindle is a stealth platformer coming to Xbox One, PC, Wii U and PlayStation systems. Think Deus Ex meets Spelunky. Witness how we are not so good at it in this The Swindle gameplay and subscribe! http://www.tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox

The levels in The Swindle are procedurally generated, right down to the addresses and business names, and your job as one of a gang of master thieves is to steal as much loot from a level as possible without getting caught or dying.

It is possible to case an entire level and escape undetected, but it is mostly a case of when you are spotted, not if. When that happens, the game becomes a tense balance of risk and reward as you decide whether to steal more cash or just to make a run for it before the police show up in their Dr. Robotnik-style flying machines.

Fail and you lose the money, that particular swindler and one of the 100 days you’ve been given to steal The Devil’s Basilisk, an all-seeing surveillance device locked away deep within Scotland Yard itself.

Succeed and you get closer to funding new gadgets, gear and the £400,000 worth of security codes you need to get into Scotland Yard for the final heist.

The Swindle is out on Xbox One on 31 July 2015.

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Let's Play The Swindle - Steampunk, Stealth and So Many Sirens in New The Swindle Gameplay


  1. Has anyone tried to end 100 days without getting the Basilisk and see how it ends? The bad ending cutscene I mean.

  2. What is it with Mike and 'accidentally' throwing grenades and setting off bombs? Kinda sensing a pattern here….just saying guys…

  3. Oh good, it's not just Chris who isn't cut out to be a master criminal. That's a relief. (Johnny <3)

  4. Oh, look. All the material for a new "Times We Were the Worst At Stealth" video right in one place!

  5. There's more chance of Batman making it through an Arkham game without killing anyone than there is Mike successfully being stealthy, and that's saying something.

  6. lol Andy trying to teach Mike how to stealth.
    Let me help u there buddy, the first lesson should be "DONT!"

  7. I feel like there's a couple of pieces of evidence that says Mike isn't the best at stealth…like this video for example 😛

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