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Let’s Play: History Legends of War: Patton


Let’s Play: History Legends of War: Patton, chronicling Andy, Jane and Mike’s historical adventures through the European Theatre of World War II, and introducing Willibald C. Bianchi, history’s greatest hero. HD gameplay of The History Channel’s History Legends of War.

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Let's Play: History Legends of War: Patton


  1. The history channel runs a lot of things. Most of the stuff they run is reruns of some documentaries, such as about wars or guns and such, but they also have non historical shows also. Most of them are reality tv junk that have nothing to do with history at all but they do have great shows such how our nation was formed or things you didn't know, so it is not all bad.

  2. Unfortunately, the History Channel is far more interested in airing reruns of it many decidedly unhistorical reality shows these days. We've already lost A&E and The Learning Channel to that nonsense, now we're poised to lose yet another of my favorite stations to more of the same. sighs Sad face. 🙁

  3. The (2?) male reviewers voices aren't mic'ed or if they are, they don't speak into them.  So we hear the girl talk while the guy(s) playing are muffled/talk simultaneously in the background.  And she even trails off, usually.  Top it off with the fact that they are more interested in trying to amused each other than actually talking about the game and I give the review a solid D.  Why not a F?  The video isn't bad.  At least they show some real gameplay.

  4. Other than the voice acting and the stupid camera the game is surprisingly good. Worth the $5 I paid.

  5. This is tactical and very similar to Commandos. I would have thought  a Patton game would be more strategic. 

  6. Hey I play this game and just to let you know I created a guild named Hunters of the Moon and the code is 992-028-036. By the way my name is Artemis. Feel free to join my guide or whatever. I'm out!

  7. Willibald C Bianchi is a real person. All of the names they used in this game are actually WWII medal of honor winners. Daniel Inouye was actually the US senator from Hawai'i until he past away last year. Great video, btw.

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