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Kingdoms of Amalur Angry Review


Kingdoms of Amalur Angry Review

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  1. In KoA you can slam down a two-handed sword on a guy's head, knocking them back, then use the sword as a polevault to close the distance between you. That's fucking awesome.

  2. I only recently started plauing this game and im really impressed. The game is great but does not have as menorable moments as fallout, elder scrolls, or The Witcher 3.

  3. EA fucking sucks. Their games are shit anyway. They only do sport update games. They should be just allowed to develop for the shitbox.

  4. Boring and dull game. Combat is sharp but no good reason to keep you immersed in the environment.

  5. I got this game a week or so back (bit late, I know) but man this game has some really good stuff. The story isn't very complex, it rides a very simple line a lot of the time, and the ending to the main quest is a little bit of a let down, but there's plenty of meat to this game. The combat system is actually ridiculously good, the lore especially for the Fae is perfect, it's a little upsetting the other races don't have such good background to them other than the Gnomes. It's a good time though, and there's some nice interesting characters here and there. I'd reccomend it. I do hope someone picks this game up again and makes a sequel or something out of it, a lot of potential here.

  6. dammit i missed the 75% steam sale now i gotta buy it full price… well i guess $20 ain't that bad

  7. Bought this game for like $40 bucks on my 360 soon after it came out, but it was extremely generic and repetitive so I never finished it. Just bought it again on Steam cause it was on sale for $5 and I'm bored, so gonna give it another shot. Here goes…

  8. the game is a drag. You have to run like crazy all over the map for every bloody quest, some missions block you accessing certain areas but the game does not tell you is a point of no return, too many repetitive missions, except for bosses enemies are too easy even on hard, the inventory is so small that half of the time you spend sell shit you do not need, your armor is basically shit since the lowest enemy can still hurt you pretty bad (btw toughest enemies turn out to be the wolves), encourages leveling up via grinding… there is a lot of grinding and had a ton of useless stuff like lore stones.

  9. I bought this game when it first came out and i sadly never got very far in it. I never knew the combat was that good and everybody values something in a game. But for me the comical cartoonish looking style of the ingame Npc's and people put me off. I was like uhuh no. Like someone said here,if skyrim or oblivion had this combat i probably never stopped neither lol. Preferably Oblivion as for me that still is the better game. No wonder since the guy that basically made Kingdom Of Amalur also was lead designer of Oblivion. Skyrim was made without him. Jee wonder why it did worse lolz

  10. I absolutely loved this game, it's sad that the studio went bankrupt. wish another would buy the license to this franchise and bring it back.

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