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If I were to add a hard drive to 360 arcade will it be able to play original Xbox games?


I heard about a patch for this but would i then be able to download the patch for backwards compatibilty?
yes i mean a microsoft hard drive

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  1. To play Xbox Originals on your Xbox 360 console you need the following:

    1. A hard drive (20GB will suffice)

    2. Your console must have the lastest operating system update (i.e. the November 19 2008, ‘New Xbox Experience’) from here:

    [url is not allowed].

    NOTE: Not all Xbox Original games can be played. Those that can are on this list:

    [url is not allowed].

  2. if its a microsoft HDD then yes.an external hard drive is read only, thus you are unable to save gamefiles, etc.so buy a hard drive from microsoft and yes you can play old xbox games.

  3. Yes you will be able to play some games if you get the HD be aware though that it does not mean ALL xbox games. A list of games that can be play can be found here: [url is not allowed].

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