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I think my PS3 broke.WOW?


Well i was playing a Megaman demo lol and i got a messege , when i went to check it my PS3 froze, so i decided to turn it off and on again because usually that works. So when i did that it wouldn’t start up, like i turn it on it says Sony Computer Entertainment, and after that it doesn’t go to the home menu, like it stays like that, and i held that on the power button and it made 3 beeps and it wont turn off unless i switch off the main power button from the back of the PS3.

Does anyone know whats wron? What should i do? Has this happened to anyone else?

Some background- i have had my PS3 for about 1 yr 8 mo. and its a 60 gig Please help

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  1. Alright I’m gonna take some guesses. When you turned it off? You hit switch in back? Or hold the power button in front. If the back you probaly shut off while it was saving or trying to work on something. If so your HDD is prolly screwed. Or it could be HDD broke in some other manner. My ps3 has frozen several times and I’ve never had a problem restarting it. FYI demos or discs have nothing to do with it.

    You can try something. Pull out HDD put back n. It might reset the HDD and fix problem but it prolly won’t work.

    I’ve built many pc’s, I know software. Sounds like to me a hard drive issue. Cause if it turns on it not power supply, if it displays the intro not video card, if it makes sound not sound card. Motherboard seems to work if sound and video work no matter how brief. So it gotta be HDD.

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