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Huge Gaming Sale at Asda – GameFind #Bonus


Bonus Video This Week
Asdas are Selling of loads of ps4 and Xbox one games and consoles ,
the games i have heard that asda put on clearance that i couldnt get were Mortal Kombat X,The Crew, Project Cars, Last of Us, Borderlands the Handsome Edition ,Dragon Age, The Witcher 3 and Many More.

first half of this video is the news half , infomation on the asda sale
second half of the video is on what i actually got and the gamefind half

Aiming to upload all my content at 9am,
Monday – Call of Duty with Nathan Rose
Tuesday – A new Youth Squad Tuesday with Luton Town
Friday – GameFinds UK

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Huge Gaming Sale at Asda - GameFind #Bonus

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  1. Really nice video Sparky!!
    Some really nice clearence sales! I'm hoping to pick up a wii u and some 3ds games during our sales season here!
    Some cool pick-ups for the xboxone!
    – Stivad

  2. Never thought of leaving some of them games on the shelf for others to buy or was your greed so fucking important that you had to buy all them fucking copies and parade them saying you will keep one and sell the rest. people like you do nothing for the gaming community. You destroy the community, Im going to have you removed from a few groups we have had enough of your shit.

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