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How to use math to win at Monopoly


How to use math to win at Monopoly


  1. I always buy orange boards with hotels yeah 1950$ worth it (p.s. i have my serbian monopoly that is different)

  2. Are there others out there besides me who are sick of waiting for friends to calculate which space they're supposed to go to?

  3. My mum was about to walk into my room whilst I was watching this. I turned my screen over to porn so she didn't catch me watching this.

  4. This is all complete crap because the dice aren't the only probability in the game. You play on everyone's roll when they choose not to buy. Sounds like you aren't playing by the rules.

  5. I just buy the last two properties and build a hotel on it. It costs huge amounts of money, but your opponents will lose all their money after two or three times they land on it.

  6. So if you use the chance of rolling 3 doubles in a row as 20℅ in 50 turns does this mean I have a 100℅ chance to roll three doubles in 250 turns?

  7. what the f*** … dude don't drop numbers on monopoly, we all play monopoly with friends and family for awesome fun past time doesn't matter who wins we all go for a drink after. if i really want to do real estate numbers shit better go do it real life.

  8. If you're playing official rules you should buy as many houses as you can without ever upgrading to hotels. You will end up diminishing the supply of houses and no one will be able to advance the game.

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