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How to transfer an Xbox save game from memory unit to new hard drive?


So I have the newer xbox 360 slim which only has a memory unit with like 2gb left and I was wondering if when I buy a hard drive will I be able to transfer my save games over from skyrim and some other games? And I hear that if I download a dlc onto the memory unit, I will have to buy the dlc again. Is there no way to transfer the dlc from the memory unit to the hard drive? What if I downloaded the dlc onto a USB drive, could I transfer that to a hard drive later?

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  1. The only ways I know that you can transfer your save games from the Slim to the New Hard Drive is to use a USB Drive or use the Cloud Storage. DLC on the other hand WILL NOT have to be purchased again due to a thing called License Transferring.

    Before trying to License Transfer, try signing in with your account and with the NEW hard drive attached. Go to Account Management and navigate to “Download History”. Then try to download your previously purchased/download items onto the new hard drive.

    If the above instructions didn’t help then you may have to License Transfer by going to Account Management -> License Transfer

    Note: That if you License Transfer you won’t be able to transfer again for another 6 months BUT you can still purchase and download things from the Marketplace.

    P.S. You can use License Transfer to share DLC or anything you’ve downloaded on your account with another person.

    Let’s say you buy the new Black Ops 2 DLC but your friend lives in a cardboard box and is unable to afford it. You can simply Download your profile on his xbox (or give him your account info so he can download it himnself) and then Transfer the license. Now your friend can download the Black Ops 2 DLC free of charge by using YOUR account.

    I recommend only doing the above with a trustworthy person! Hope this helped!

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