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How to tell if i have a european PS3 or american?


I bought a refurbished ps3 that was a 40 gb and i have noticed i keep playing with people from england or germany. Is there any way ti tell if i have an american, european, or japanese console? and do you think i would be able to take it back if so

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  1. look at the serial sticker on back of ps3:

    United States[USA] = SLUS (NTSC)

    United Kingdom[UK] = SCES (PAL)

    Japan[JAP] = SCUS (NTSC)

    Germany[GER] = SLES (PAL)

    NTSC is fitted best for tv’s in america and japan

    PAL is most common in the UK, germany, and most other countries.

    people you end up with online has nothing to do with consoles orgin. it has to do with internet connection speed. you normally end up with gamers of similar internet connection speeds. certain consoles like the PAL ps3’s are made to work best with video standerds of the countries with PAL tv sets.

    same with NTSC tv standards.

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