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How To Stream To YouTube From PS4 Instantly!


Update 25th October 2015: Regarding Verification with Youtube; (Credit HustleHabit)
Use the website from the PC (or cell phone) to get it done. It will automatically verify it on your console as well.
We found a direct link to the verification screen on Google. Just use the same username you use on your PS4, and that they’re linked

NobleAli90 From the Gaming Live channel walks you through the process of live streaming instantly to YouTube directly from your PlayStation 4 (PS4). This is the easiest way for newcomers to start streaming.

This method requires no game capture cards such as Elgato, Avermedia or streaming software like Xsplit and OBS, although they are highly recommended for best quality.

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How To Stream To YouTube From PS4 Instantly!

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  1. hey m8, i still have a problem when i am broadcasting my friends voice can t be heard in the stream, i checked the party audio but still he can t be heard and i don't know why…any idea?

  2. ANYTHING that involves anything Google is a pain and meow gotta do 3 or 4x as much as any other place.Most over-rated company ever.

  3. man that was amazing. we just started a channel with some friends and didn't know we could do this! thanks!

  4. this video is pretty useless. i cant even get to that screen (which is obviously straight forward) how do you encode youtube to allow streaming?

  5. how do you take that on air Bullshit off please help I seen my friends doing it and they didn't have it

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