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How to make ps3 sign on to ps network faster.?


I just got a ps3 and i constantly play online. however it takes an eternity and a half to log on. some times when i wait long enough to sign in it says my time on playstation network has timed out while im still trying to log on. it will eventually log on after 10 tries and which takes about 15 min, once i actually get on ,my connection is perfect and i have no lag. i use a wireless connection. i have a linksys router and a webstar modem.

(by the way im not that smart when it comes to all this tech stuff)

I would appreciate it if some one could help me out.

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  1. Sign in to your user name. scroll back to users until you see your name. press the Triangle button click on Automatic Login. make sure you turn it on. the next time you sign into your user name you will Automatically be login to the Playstation Network. that is what I do when I sometimes don’t like clicking on the sign in button to access PSN. just let my PS3 do it

  2. You’re using wireless. There is not a lot you can do other than move the PS3 closer to the wireless router or wireless modem that is giving it the wireless signals. Or using a wired connection instead of wireless.

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