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How to Activate a Cheat Code on Madden 16


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Madden NFL 16

How to Activate a Cheat Code on Madden 16

TODAY I AM SO PROUD TO BE THE FIRST PERSON TO RELEASE THE PUNT BLOCK GLITCH ON ALL OF YOUTUBE!!! This glitch does take some time to perfect, so please don’t get frustrated if you can’t get it right away.

Madden 16 WR Slide Glitch: https://youtu.be/hY1oymC8rJY

Extra Help:
Step 1: Put fastest player in 3rd position from left
Step 2: Select PR Middle
Step 3: Move Right End over your DT
Step 4: Hold RT, Move RS Down, then Hold LB
Step 5: Switch to DT after he gets in and press “X” to Dive
Step 6: Leave your opponent wandering “What the Heck Happened?”

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HOW TO BLOCK PUNTS IN MADDEN 16!!! Punt Block Glitch

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  1. I Already know how to block punts in madden mobile tho Go do blitzing jam middle go the player to ur right go for the punter And u blocked it

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