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How do i go about streaming vids and music from pc in 1 room to PS3 in another?



  1. Get Windows Media Player, set up the Media Library to include all the videos you want, then go into the PS3 menu for Videos, find the video and either copy the video to the PS3 or stream it.

    Et viola

  2. I have my PS3 wireless connected to my Router, my PC is hard wired to the same router.

    On my PC I run Nero MediaHome. I tell Media Home which folders I want to share, then click on start the server button.

    On My PS3 I go into the type of file I want (video, photo, music) search for Media Server, The PS3 finds my PC and can access the files I have told MediaHome to share.

    I can then either stream the file or copy it into my PS3 hard drive – as long as it is in a file format that the PS3 can play/recognise.

    Easy as that.

    I didn’t play with Media Windows player at all.

    Hope that helps

  3. media sharing its really easy once you change the settings on your computer so your ps3 can pick up your computer after that you need to put all the media you want on your ps3 in wmp

  4. Right, ok, first thing you need to do is download windows media player 11, once thats done you can get started.

    Anyway,, its easier just to show ya a vid from youtube that helped me get it hooked up then going step by step so just click below.

    [url is not allowed].


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