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How do I calibrate my new TV so that my xbox 360 doesnt have “button lag”?


My parents got a 50 inch LG plasma and when I try to play call of duty on it it doesnt work out very well. when i push a button, it doesnt register for like a second later so when i shoot or run or any of that my guy doesnt do it untill like a couple seconds later. How do i fix it?
and when i bring my xbox to my dads house, there is no lag and it works fine on his tv. how do u check if its 1080i or whatever?


  1. There are two possible causes for this button lag.

    The first is resizing the image. LCD and Plasma technologies can only display images in a particular resolution, refered to as the Native Resolution. Any other image format has to be converted to that resolution first. So find out what the Native Resolution is (It should be in the instruction manual, or just ask your parents if it was advertised as a 720p TV or a 1080p TV). For 1080p, you’ll need to hook your 360 up through HDMI, as almost all TVs, even when they handle 1080p, refuse to accept that resolution over Component Cables. If it is 720P, Component Cables will work fine; just don’t use the Y/R/W Composite, as they are 480i only.

    The second cause is the various combs and filters that get applied to analog signals by HDTVs to clean them up and make them look better. These should be able to be disabled in the TVs settings (and a lot of modern HDTVs let you have different settings for each of the input ports on the TV, so in that case you wouldn’t even be messing with the settings for other devices). If you are connected through HDMI, you won’t have to do this, as that is a digital connection and such cleanup doesn’t do anything, so they don’t even bother having the TV try to do it.

  2. i need more information on the type of TV like 1080i or 1080p etc.

    or when you plug the colored cables in for audio and video make sure its on HD or TV, whichever you are using. The HD is the Red, Green, and Blue, with the Red and White audio from the TV, and the TV is the Yellow with the Red and White audio

  3. set your t.v. to 120hz’s (or to the highest possible)

    however it might not be the t.v. at all.

    could be the 360 or the 360 controller.

    try it in another t.v. and see if theres any diff.

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