Home Playstation Games GODZILLA Ps4: Burning Godzilla (125 meters) vs Godzilla 2014

GODZILLA Ps4: Burning Godzilla (125 meters) vs Godzilla 2014


GODZILLA Ps4: Burning Godzilla (125 meters) vs Godzilla 2014

Godzilla - PS3/PS4 - The Battle heats up (English Trailer)


  1. I loved the American 2014 Godzilla. But if you think that the 2014 could stand with the strongest incarnation of Godzilla (Burning), then you are silly.

  2. i unlocked 2014 and burning godzilla easily go on ally and go straight and then go down and straight then you'll get these kaijus

  3. Loooooooooooool what did humanity ever do to deserve this? Oh i think you know what humanity has done

  4. "We are unanimous! Take us to maximum disaster level! We're on the verge of extinction!"
    That line is probably the coolest bit of dialogue in this whole game for me

  5. the kid playing this is like i wanna be like the rral mpvie so ima spam the roar button every dam 5 to 10 seconds!! dick

  6. if shin godzilla and legendary godzilla were male and female, who would be the male and who would be the female and why?

  7. will you protect with space godzilla
    me: what space godzilla wanted to take over the earth and your saying he is on humanity side yeah your wrong

  8. What these games are lacking is serious story. Every Godzilla game that you or anyone makes that is nothing but "destroying the generator and KO the enemy will be a COLOSSAL FAILURE.

    Please create a Godzilla games with some substance and flavor. I think the graphics were well done compared to previous games but the lack of popular monsters and the repetitive mission and story mode is terrbible.


    Use movie elements to create a story! Involve the Xillians or the People of Planet X and have them attack the earth. The option to save or destroy is a great detail but it's very condensed and limited. Godzilla games have so much potential but you need to actually use it! Please add actual elements of a Godzilla movie. Good monster fights, camera angles, controls, area damage and a real fight.

    I want to be able to grab a monster and throw his ass away from me or into a building and watch it crumble on him and do additional damage. I want to atomic breath King Ghidorahs head and blow it up! I want to rip Hedorah/The smog monster limb from limb.
    Hell even let Gabara from Godzillas Revenge show up so I can beat his ass with Minya. Take a risk and has real action, blood and violence and I promise you'll see dramatic results for Godzilla games. Don't do to Godzilla what Sega did to Sonic.

    Godzilla is a monster who defends or destroys. His allies due the same and his enemies threaten humanity. Create some drama and a sense of fear and intensity and you could have one of the best selling games you have ever produced.

    Slap an M rating on it and the adult basis will buy and play it for the thrill of destruction and have monsters battle.

  9. What's up with the two Godzillas at the beginning firing into each other's mouths. Too close honestly.

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