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F1 2016 – Should You Buy on the PC, PS4 or Xbox One?


F1 2016 Supported Wheels: http://www.isrtv.com/codemasters-f1/codemasters-list-of-supported-wheels-for-f1-2016/

http://www.ISRTV.com presents our Day 1 Review of F1 2016 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. After a promising, but incomplete 2015 edition of the franchise, Codemasters looks to redeem themselves with the 2016 edition. F1 2016 is bolstered by new features such as Championship Season and 10 Season Career Mode, warm up lap, self clutch launch, safety car, and new time of day settings.

Add-in the usual suspects of improvements such as graphic optimization, AI behavior and physics improvements, and there’s a lot to be looking forward to.

But should you? And should you on all the platforms? Watch to find out.

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F1 2016 - Should You Buy on the PC, PS4 or Xbox One?

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  1. the buzzing sound is the ERS unit, you don't hear it on previous f1 cars because engines were louder. If you've been to an F1 garage in the pitlane, you can hear it. it is definitely NOT the turbo, if it is the turbo then you shouldnt hear it in the pitlane. ive been watching F1 in Japan

  2. Bro. will it run on my ASUS ROG pc
    the spec of my laptop is
    8GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 940, Windows 10 & 64 bit ? If yes than i'am going to purchase the game, Please reply as i want the game but unsure if i will face any lag on my PC, So i haven't bought it from STEAM till now ! can we play it offline too on pc ?
    plz Reply
    Thank You

  3. Well after 5 months of trying to get F! 2016 working and a lot of emails back and forth with Codemasters the game wont run on my system. i7 6700, 32gig ram dual 1080 GTX cards in SLI 1 TB UDMA HDD G1 Gigabyte board. And the reason F1 can't run is it can't figure out which sound device to use. Apparently because my computer has multiple sound devices the game doesn't know which one to address. Mind you iRacing, Raceroom, Assetto, Corsa, Dirt, Automobilista and Project Cars have no issues working. The only way I have been able to get the game to work is to turn off every sound device, in fact I can't even have one sound device running. So I would say have fun if you can get it working. Oh and BTW Codemasters can't help. because from what I am getting from the Devs the software they use for the sound can't address the active sound device. Hope 2017 is better.

  4. John, the irritating hissing sound you hear is the turbo. I went to see pre-season testing 2014/15/16 and there is an hissing sound that cars make under acceleration. I have to say it was more irritating in 2014. I was standing in the start/finish straight in Barcelona in front of the pits and I can assure you the real cars do hiss like that, and that is the turbo. The game is just trying to replicate that. The problem is if you race 100% races like me, you finish with ear fatigue… which also happens to real drivers I might add.

  5. sound is from the electric turbo its spooling so fast causing a high frequency sound… right or wrong? them motor are hardcore brushless systems

  6. Am I missing something? Bought this today, my god it looks terrible. Settings maxed out 2560×1440, GTX1070 and 6600K@ 4.4. Project Cars craps all over this.

  7. +Inside Sim Racing :PS4> (wish i could show a pic) in front, I think I gotta use both USB's for pedals n wheel? (*Leaves no room for a USB headset) On the back of PS4, I saw an AUX port……. MAN.. nothing would plug into that!!! Can you help man? PLLLLEEEEZE Inside Sim Racing +Inside Sim Racing

  8. Anyone that uses a G27, is the wheel really light and very sensitive when going down straights?
    I had that in F1 2015 and was basically unplayable.

  9. What console should I get PS4 or XBOX ONE Please help I will be playing FIFA 17 and BO3 GTA V F1 2016?

  10. Just curious who here thinks iRacing graphics are garbage compared to this?

    Curious because I have someone debating this with me and claims there are many out there who state this.

  11. Career mode apparently has a massive flaw. Since each team has the same upgrades, after a certain period of time, all teams will be 100% upgraded and thus, back to where they started in Season 1 day 1. Hope this is solved.

  12. Thinking of buying it. Can some pros' tell me: Is F1 2016 game "noob friendly"?
    (Never played Formula games)

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