Home Videos Elder Scrolls: Online – Tamriel Unlimited – “Is It Worth Trying Now?”

Elder Scrolls: Online – Tamriel Unlimited – “Is It Worth Trying Now?”


Elder Scrolls: Online - Tamriel Unlimited -

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  1. really thinking about switching from WoW to this… everything checks off for me, but just how active is the population? Not playing an MMO with no population
    P.S: im playing on PC

  2. Bought this back in 2014, and was incredibly disappointed in it. But here lately it seems as if it has improved so I'm going to give it another chance. Just bought the gold edition of it.

  3. Man I've been blown away at the difference level scaling and opening the world did. Its amazing. Lots to do and enjoy! (mostly bug free too)

  4. I really like your content. I really think that play ESO is about personal taste. I would really appreciate if you could have a look to my channel? Thanks a lot and keep it up

  5. Just so you guys know, you can get the regular edition on G2A.com for 11 USD, Imperial edition for just under 16 USD, and gold edition for about 26 USD.

  6. watched a video of this in 2014 looked bad, watching now in 2017 looks better but still looks really lame

  7. After looking around and playing the free weekend. Your points are valid and will be purchasing the game. Thank you for the video. Catch you all on Nirn..

  8. If only I could make it install, I have never had such an impossible time trying to make a game work, and I can make games from the 90's run on windows 10 boxes

  9. Is it worth it without the dlc? Its just the versions that have all of the dlc are ridiculously expensive.

  10. Don't believe everything, this is a stand still and auto attack game with lots of loading screen and poor architecture.

  11. I played at launch, but got burned out in the Veteran zones. The biggest thing that drove me away was the phasing issues, I couldn't get RL friends to try because they ended up playing by themselves due to the questing phasing….any comment on if that improved?

  12. Except unlike other games this is more focused on being a cash cow , to reach the legendary status with weapons and armour you need to waste hours grinding n improving stuff, once you reach the cp cap you will realise how smart the Dev's keep nerfing and boosting classes forcing you to create more classes to stay up top , not to mention that you need to pay up extra for the best content like craft bag and dlcs which come with ESO+. Go into pvp the system is a bit broken with some classes being boosted , not to mention if you go in the zone chat you got 10 year olds asking for gold or 40 year olds advertising on selling gold on some website. You got a lot of money to spend or like 10-12 hour per day , then yep you could be on top. Raids on other games like destiny and ark are more challenging where as the raids( mow , hel ra, sanctum ophidia) are all just about mechanics , play same stuff over and over to get ur desired armour or weapon drop.

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