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Echochrome gameplay.


Here are the three levels in the demo. The last one is … tough.

Echochrome gameplay.


  1. I have both this game and the second one to this. I prefer this one better. I love the cello music too. The PsP had some great innovative games and this is a classic.

  2. I remember the psp had a lot of innovative games like this… ┬áSomehow the DS was considered innovative even though it was a bunch of overly easy games… ┬á*sigh* ┬áBut we know it is because stupid people seem to follow stupid shit. ┬áBasically the PSP was more complicated and we dont want to deal with complicated, right? ┬á

  3. You'll want to think about this game in two dimensions. You're going, "up", but gravity makes you go, "down". You have to make the mannequin go places by thinking of things in just ways you can see in 2D. Tip: There is no depth in Echochrome.

  4. Imagine if he'd had direct input on the design of the levels. Holy crap, the game would be even more amazing than it already is.

  5. How long are you idiots going to harp on a comment made over 2 years ago on what may very well have been a bad day? As for my "ignorance", this is my second language, which was largely self taught. It bothers me to see native US retards misspelling the simplest of words.

  6. I like your comma splice and misuse of the word "ironic." How is your ignorance any different from a common misspelling?

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