Home Playstation Forum Do PS2 games get like remade into PS3? And if.?

Do PS2 games get like remade into PS3? And if.?


If I get a Japanese ps2 game (from Japan.) will I be able to play it with with my ps3 (Australia)?

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  1. so far, the only games I know that was re-made for PS3 are GOW1 & GOW2. Be careful about getting a PS3 with a different system (PAL vs NTSC). Besides TV compatibility, ou may find it difficult to find games in your local area.

  2. PS3 console takes any type.(forgot name) NTSC/PAL.

    But to run ps2 games u need old PS3 s not PS3 slims.

  3. Sorry but the PS3s are somewhat region coded, and PS2s WERE region coded. That means that the PS3 won’t play a PS2 game from a different region, people need to read. It is BLU-RAYS that aren’t region coded. Anyway most PS3s don’t play PS2 games, so hope you have an old one if you plan to use it for that. Also most PS2 games AREN’T remade in to PS3 games, and I doubt that they will be. Part of the reason God of War 1&2 were was that Sony made them and wanted to promote them with God of War 3 coming out. They didn’t have to buy the rights to put them out as a PS3 game or anything.

  4. God of War and God of War 2 were the only games to be remade and probably no others will be ported to the PS3. but don’t hold me to it, it could happen, possibly.

    and no. you CANNOT play a Japanese PS2 game on an Australian PS3. PS2 games are region locked, but PS3 games are not. to play a Japanese PS2 game, you either need a backwards compatible PS3 from Japan or a modified PS2. there is nothing else you can do.

  5. Only the 1st and 2nd generation PS3’s will play PS2 games! Anything PS3 console made after 2007 will not play PS2 games!

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