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Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga Video Review


Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga Video Review


  1. Fantastic game this was, a unique experience and very European aesthetics. This game series is number 1 of it's kind and very fun.

  2. This game was fun when i played it. It froze twice on my 360, which didn't bother me, and it has some great and interesting characters with some funny moments sprinkled in every now and then.

  3. My favorites were the comical conversation choices… And there were really Great characters like the Alchemist with 5 diplomas, or the un-dead Girfriend of the necromancer… (When it comes to something dry and cold, I draw the line at Gin on ice)
    Necro-Girl: Your legs are on the market and I am gone chopping…
    Good times, Good times.

  4. I played Eco Draconis when it was released, and yes it was brutally difficulty, as mentioned in this review. However, that was the whole appeal. You REALLY had to think outside the box, and you'd often just survive encounters by the skin of your teeth. It was glorious. I guess I'll pick this one up when it's on sale and replay it for the expansion.

  5. DKS is a relaunch of Ego Draconis from what I understand. Just new graphics and some new content. Divine Divinity was the first one.

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