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Difference between playstation 3, 80 gb – 120 gb – 160 gb?


im about to buy one and find out that there are these three kinds. 80 gb and 120 gb cost the same. what is the difference which is better, which shall i get and why

can i use my ps3 on a standard definition tv?

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  1. Difference: memory size

    The 80GB and 160GB are PS3 fat systems, the 120GB is a PS3 slim system, which is the newest system. It is more efficient, but doesn’t have Other OS possibilities like the PS3 fat systems.

    It is recommended to use a computer for your OS systems anyway, so this isn’t a big deal. All three versions can have their HDD changed out to a bigger HDD, so the actual memory shouldn’t be a deciding factor. The 120GB PS3 should be better than the 80GB PS3 since the 120GB is the latest and newest version. None of these three models can play PS2 games.

    All PS3s can be played on SD TVs.

  2. Yes, you can use it with a standard def TV. In fact, it only comes with cables for an SDTV, and you need to buy cables to hook it to and HDTV.

    The 120 GB is the new Slim model, and probably your best choice as it’ll have the latest tech inside the box. The 80 and 160 GB are the earlier ‘fat’ model, and are basically the same except for the hard drive size, and the fact that you can install Linux to the older models but not to the Slim/120 GB model.

  3. The difference is the size of the hard-drive. The bigger the GB the more space you have to save games, photos, music, videos, etc. I cant remember which ones have PS2 playback so i would ask or look it up, only if you have a lot of PS2 games that you like. You PS3 comes with the simple A/V jacks, so you can play it on any TV, but if you upgrade your tv to a High Def then you will need to go and buy the HDMI cable for it.

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