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CGRundertow TALES OF VESPERIA for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


Tales of Vesperia review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Tales of Vesperia for XBox 360.

Look, can’t we just have another Star Ocean game… that actually looks like a Star Ocean game? I mean, I dig Namco Tales Studio, and the feel is certainly there, but my loyalties lie with tri-Ace. Especially after Radiata Stories. Wait… I’ve never reviewed Radiata Stories? I gotta get on that! Oh, and Tales of Vesperia. The most technicolor Robin Hood you’ll watch that doesn’t include furries or Errol Flynn. Well, there is a guy named Flynn. But he doesn’t wear tights or practice archery. It feels like Tales of the Abyss, only with characters you can actually like!


This video review features video gameplay footage of Tales of Vesperia for XBox 360 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s TJ.

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CGRundertow TALES OF VESPERIA for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

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  1. So in order for me to try this game out I have to buy a xbox360 I guess I'll have to pass on the system then. I'll enjoy the rest of the tales on ps3.

  2. I loved ToV, but if I had to be honest, it's mostly out of nostalgia and loyalty. If I didn't get a free Xbox and was lended it by a friend I probably would have never played it. ToS was my first JRPG and ever since I basically made a pact with Namco and love them. Playing a Tales game is like coming to your parents house. They might get a new sofa or some shit, but they are formulaic, and nothing changes too much. That's great, but then it gets annoying.

    I fell in love because Yuri was the new couch. They took a character with a Kratos/Regal/Jade/Guy ish demeenor, threw in some Lloyd for that hunger for justice and BLAM: You have a Medieval RPG Batman/Robinhood of sorts. But it got too cookie cutter after that.

    I mean, Raven's role is pretty similar to Zelos, Estelle is basically Colette, Karol/Rita are pretty much Genis. and Judith is pretty much Sheena, or Tear if you wanna go ToA. 

    And the plot is pretty formulaic too: simple initial mission that blossoms into a series of unfortunate events that leads into the party going scooby doo and becoming meddling kids that leads into exposing someone as a traitor of sorts that leads into some ELEMENTAL SPIRIT CHASING that leads into betrayal that leads into OMG HEROINE MUST BE MARY SUE AND WE GOTS TO SAVE HER. blah blah blah.

    And at some point you have to call upon the knowledge of some isolated dying-off people. You get the drift. It's nice to see how they stay relevent and reinvent themselves…but how many combinations of the same shit can you do?

  3. no, the only reason y namco bandai release tales of vesperia on xbox360 is becoz microsoft throw a lot of money to them …. its got nothing to do with loyalty .. if anything, ps3 owner is the one who should pissed off and they actually did . .haven't you heard in japan, one tales fan burn and break ToV 360 disc when he found out that ToV will be release soon on ps3 ,he's mad becoz he just bought xbox360 just for the game ..

  4. I love this game and Yuri may just take the spot as my favorite protagonist in a JRPG. He tough enough so that he doesn't take shit from anyone and yet he's also a fun guy who doesn't dwell on some dark past. (Not saying I don't like characters to have dark pasts, I'm just saying it gets old after seeing so often.) Too bad we never got the superior PS3 version of the game. God dammit

  5. i love tales of vepseria!
    and btw repede got the pipe from his former owner who died. there's a movie that explains the life of some of the characters before the game. such as yuri, flynn, repede, rita, and raven.

  6. i love this guys reviews, but this one was just terrible! he sounds like he didnt even want to play the game or do a review about it. what a let down cuz this was one my fav games

  7. the demo is shit, I put off buying the game cause of it. HIGHLY regret that, this is the best JRPG this gen.

  8. You can't be attached by this game by downloading just the part of it, the tales game was known to have excellent story as for a true rpg fan you should know this.

  9. this game and the tales series in general is the reason i still have hope for the gaming industry, amazing games, i get a great feeling too from these games, like the great feeling i got from final fantasy 7! p.s the question you asked at the end of the video is answered in the tales of vesperia film

  10. I love the tales series, but this one pushed my cliché tolerance boundaries way too far. maybe it's time to give it a rest till i play the next one.

  11. One other quick thing, this game basically has 2 different styles of fighting. One the option of being a power-house, killing enemies quickly resulting in a snooze fest battle. Or turn your power to minimum damage (skill set options available after weapon pickup) and learn how to combo and Fatal Strike. This is when I rediscovered a whole new (AWESOME) game. This clown doing the review obviously didn't take the time.

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