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Can I use my linksys wireless router thing to connect to my xbox for xbox live?


Its my little wireless thing that connects to my dad’s modem. I put it in my computer. Could i just use that for my xbox Live? Then get a sub card and stuff? Or do i need a specified 100 dollar wireless router MADE by xbox live. BEST Answer gets!!

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  1. If you want to go wireless then yes you have to buy an xbox wireless adapter. It does not have to be the Xbox 360 one though because i use the original xbox wireless adapter. If you use wireless though sometimes you connection suffers if other devices in your house are using the internet at the same time. For the best connection try running a wire from your modem to your 360.

  2. you could possibly use that. i kno my friend uses an old xbox for his xbox 360 to connect to the internet. but i also kno that the alltel or verizon wireless thing doesnt work. but you could try it. never hurts to.

    also if its the one like mine that you plug other ethernet cables into it you will have to run the eternet cable to the back of the xbox because the xbox does not have a wireless thing inside of it like the ps3

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