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Can I set my PS3 to 1080p without an HDMI cable?


I’d like to know if I can set my PS3 to 1080p without an HDMI cable.

If so, let me know how to do it please.

PS: My PS3’s running with its original cable. (AV Cable)

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  1. NO. You’ll just get a black screen as stated by the OSD itself.

    Unless your TV supports the resolution, you can’t display it

  2. The cable that comes with the PS3 is a composite AV cable, and only supports 480i video. An S-video AV cable is the same (480i video), with slightly better video quality.

    If you buy a component AV cable or an HDMI cable, then you can get up to 1080p video, but only if you also have an HDTV. A standard definition TV that has component video inputs can be connected to the PS3 with a component AV cable to get the best video quality for an SDTV (480p instead of 480i).

    Below are the maximum resolutions supported by a component AV cable on an HDTV (the maximum values allowed will also depend on the HDTV):

    Gaming: 1080p

    Blu-ray viewing: 1080i

    DVD viewing: 480p (upconversion is not allowed over component cables)

    You can buy HDMI and component AV cables for under $10 online:

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  3. unfortunately you cant, but HDMI cables nowadays are considerably cheap, up to $2. You MUST use your ps3 on HDMI, otherwise it was a dumb purchase, since all of the features consist in HD, take a look at the link

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  4. Here are the best resolutions you can get with specific cables:

    Composite cable (yellow, red, white) = 480i

    Component cable (red, blue, green, red, white) = 1080i

    HDMI cable = 1080p

    You can only get 1080p with an HDMI cable. You can NOT get 1080p with Component cables, period, no matter the video source or content (Blu-ray movie, Blu-ray game, DVD movie, etc.). BTW, PS3 games are on Blu-ray, it doesn’t matter if it is a game or movie, the content displays the same.

    If you want 1080p, an HDMI cable is required. You can get up to 1080i using Component cables, and ONLY 1080i, which includes upscaling of DVD movies.

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  6. No, the only way to see 1080p is with the HDMI cable. If you don’t have a HDMI port on your TV and you want it to look better, then try buying the cable that has a red, green, and blue for the video and the red and white for the audio. But you still need to have the ports for that on your TV. Good luck.

  7. You can play a PS3 with it’s original cord just fine but you may not get near the detail that you would get if you have an HDMI converter cord. Trust me, been there, done that. Metal Gear Solid 4 looked okay with original cord but was phenomenal when I plugged both the TV and PS3 together with the HDMI cord. It’s worth the money to go out and buy one. Plus it’s just one cord instead of many plugs, in the end it’s a simpler hookup if you have to move.

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