Home Videos BRYCE GETS HIS PS4!!! (6.29.15 – Day 1186)

BRYCE GETS HIS PS4!!! (6.29.15 – Day 1186)


BRYCE GETS HIS PS4!!! (6.29.15 - Day 1186)

Five good reasons to buy the PS4 instead of the Xbox One

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  1. is he my twin cause whenever im getting something i get so excited i cant even unbox that thing and yeah im gonna be saving for my ps4 too

  2. U could just see the exitment on his face. I can't even get my dad near my ps because he always gets mad I beat him.

  3. I hate parents who already have a console but buy the same console just for their child or if one child gets a console and they get the same console for another child.

  4. My PlayStation is fully a bat man arckham knight it's all grey it's realy and when I got it I got a comic book about bat man arckham knight

  5. I'll be getting the ps4..I didn't like Xbox from first time..I actually never had a console..haha

  6. I have a PS4 and I am about to get a PC and will also get Xbox one what should I get first PC or xbox

  7. And know we get the Xbox Scorpio that is definitely better than the PS4 but can Sony top the Xbox Scorpio.

  8. I am like a gamer but not a TV show watcher…..and I like gaming and I tried PlayStation many times….so,I prefer ps4

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