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Big Xbox One Update Adds A Bunch Of New Features Today – GS News Update


Big Xbox One Update Adds A Bunch Of New Features Today - GS News Update

Xbox Nation Podcast:
We cover all the breaking news on Xbox One!
New updates!
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Amazing Breaking Xbox One News!

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  1. This update is absolute garbage, because it overcomplicates several menu systems, glitches out installs, AND makes the UI look like Windows 10! No one except complete morons wanted these "improvements". Either undo the stupidity, or get rid of the idiot who asked for it.

  2. Just applied this update …Sorry but I find it slightly worse than before ,I like when they add new features but why messing around with already good ones…And all those choices to customize your backgrounds ,what's the point of putting an amazing art on the background when it's dark and dim with shit loads of apps and ads covered all over it.

  3. When are they gonna make it so you can have sound through the control pad headset. Like PS4. If I'm gaming at night it would be nice to not have to turn the tv so low I can barely hear it. Or get the surround sound feel from a good headset.

  4. huge ps fan, but xbox has the better/smoother u.i.

    their games are still uninteresting and cringey tho :p

  5. Oh look. More bratty PS4 fanboys bitching about exclusives. What a surprise.

    You know, if they have such great exclusives on PS4, you think they'd be off playing them instead of trolling Xbox One videos…

  6. Xbox 1 is failing BIGTIME & this is coming from a fanboy !!!! BEAT THAT 😉 …. EXCLUSIVES any1 … errrrrrrr … (NO) sorry: (

  7. people do realize that being a fanboy doesnt help you or the opposite spectrum fanboys right ? At the end of the day, both companies make more money than your entire family does in a lifetime and the improvements on both side are good for both sides because it leads to competition and competition leads to innovation. The only innovation you fanboys make is the realization that youre all slow.

  8. Fanboy Logic:
    "We want to play some of your exclusives! please" PC
    "Sure thing, Fam. we can share them" Xbox
    "Lol Xbox has no games" Playstation
    "… how bout that Legend Of Zelda, tho" Nintendo
    you see, this is why we can't have nice things

  9. listen Sony may have beat Microsoft at sales.. but if you ask the majority of people that bought a PS4 when it first released.. they will say they bought it because it was a $100 cheaper.. so with that logic being used.. a Honda Civic will outsell a Corvette because it is cheaper.. but does that make the Honda Civic better than the Corvette hell no.. so compare the PS4 and the Xbox One with the features they offer.. and before anyone calls me a xbox fanboy.. I had PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and a PS4.. but Xbox One offers more features.. and if someone tries to come up with its all about exclusives look at the top 10 games sold in 2016 in the US and UK.. in the US it was nothing but multiplatform titles.. here is the US list.
    1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    2. Battlefield 1
    3. The Division
    4. NBA 2K17
    5. Madden NFL 17
    6. Grand Theft Auto V
    7. Overwatch (no Battle.net sales)
    8. Call of Duty: Black Ops III
    9. FIFA 17
    10. Final Fantasy XV

    Here is the UK list. both Microsoft and Sony had one game that got into the top 10.
    1. FIFA 17
    2. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    3. Battlefield 1
    4. The Division
    5. Grand Theft Auto V
    6. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Sony)
    7. Call Of Duty: Black Ops III
    8. Watch Dogs 2
    9. Overwatch
    10. Forza Horizon 3 (Microsoft)

    so the point is multiplatform games sell better than exclusives because that is what the majority of gamers play. facts are facts you can't argue that.

  10. If phantom dust remaster does well, do you think we'll be seeing a new game in the series? or do you think the series is dead and the remaster is just because they want to bring som xbox games to xbox one?

  11. play anywhere is awesome. how could it ever be conceived as a bad thing. I will be playing Reso 7 at 4k ultra and my brother plays his shared version on his Xbox one.

  12. Lies nothing but lies

    Forza rated higher then GT


  13. everyone keeps me engaged and I love all the channels!!! still miss my crossfire and mc mornings for my weekend night shift…

  14. @CrapgamerReviews,

    My kids have been playing since 2&1/2…on OG XBOX. They're now 17 & 14, still playing XBOX ONE. They don't want a Nintendo and didn't play the PS3 .

  15. A PC experience without all the PC bullshit? So he's basically admitting that he's too dumb to click an icon to launch a game.
    Never mind the fact that a PC is objectively better in every way and does so much more than your shitty consoles.
    Better graphics
    Higher framerates
    Higher resolutions
    More controller options
    More games
    Far cheaper games
    Entire genres that aren't on consoles
    True backwards compatibility
    Better sound quality
    Multi monitor support
    Free online and Up-gradable hardware.
    Your consoles are a joke!

  16. Look at all you butt hurt pussies in the comment section calling people ponies. All because you know the xbox has no exclusives, and you have nothing to come back at the "ponies" with HAHAHA (what a pathetic nonsensical insult) It must be hard being an xbot now that there is literally no reason to own an xbox hahaha

  17. I had so much hope for the switch but in the last month it has really turned me off buying it day one.. maybe I will buy it next year probably not though

  18. Xbox play anywhere is more a way to increase the user base than it is a feature for end-users. It's easier to make money on 25 million Xbones + hundreds of millions of PC users than 25 million users alone.

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