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Armored Core 4 – First Impressions Review – Gameplay


Armored Core 4 - First Impressions Review - Gameplay

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  1. "I have so much nostalgia from a game of an slightly outdated console" <— everyon in this videa

  2. Wasn't there a game mode on one of the carmored cores where you fought robots and if you beat them you could use there robot?

  3. what does the auto weapon switch do because every time I want to switch a weapon it keeps messing me up even if i dont want to switch it still switches

  4. You know that feeling when you remember you completely forgot about some old game while naming your favorite games of all time…

  5. The Armored Core series was pretty awesome, and still is. I remember playing it as a demo on a Cd that came with the Playstation magazine back in the day. After that I was hooked and had all of the games. I might try to get back into it. Sometime next year.

  6. dude I'm sorry but you are like a kedargardener when you play this game plus you can custimise every thing on the ac.

  7. Nice first impressions video, Dan ^^ (even if I was cringing so, so hard watching it x3 haha)

    I'm curious, seeing that you did enjoy this and planned to upload more videos in the past. How do you feel you improved and did you think the game got better or worse the more you played it?

  8. As soon as I heard you confuse AP with EN, I knew you had a lot to learn. Glad to see people still getting into Armored Core, because it's so underrated.

  9. I swear with all that gibberish and whatnot about cost after the missions, that it meant credits were deducted or added based on performance.

  10. Should've done "Desert Wolf"; gets you your first NEXT battle story-wise. Otherwise, nice video. Hopefully you've discovered the sequel, Armored Core: For Answer, and the number jump titles, Armored Core V and Armored Core: Verdict Day. Keep in mind though that he last two have adapted a slower, more weighted movement with a grittier more tactical feel than hi-speed.

  11. I actually quite liked this video.
    It's hard to find a video of someone playing any Armored core game, let alone a first impression video of it, I am glad you enjoyed it.

    If you are looking for more armored core games, 2 recommendations i got are the sequel to 4 called For Answer and the ps2 game Armored Core Nexus.

    For Answer is pretty much this one but i feel the level design and menus are done much better.

    Armored Core Nexus is more in the style of the original series from ps 1 through ps 2 but this one is not as confusing to play, it got a good difficulty that slowly rises up and it got a bonus disc with remakes of levels from the ps 1 games.

    I would have to say look into any armored core before getting it, for example, i LOVE armored core Last raven, but i am aware that the difficulty is insane and  unforgiving, and that is why it sold poorly.

    PS: i am aware you got armored core 2 but i say it is more made for people who played previous games, it starts a bit annoyingly difficult if you never played an armored core before of that style

  12. as a fan of the series it saddens me they screwed this game up so bad. and then didn't fix anything for AC5. the HUD is complete trash compared to the awesome HUD in the PS2 ones.

  13. If you want to play this game again, a trick to turn around much quicker is the quickboost. Just hit the quickboost button while ONLY turning your camera. This allows you to quickturn and quickboost can be very useful for evasion and such.

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