Home Playstation Forum Are ps3 digital downloads refundable?

Are ps3 digital downloads refundable?


If you buy a game in the playstation store can you be refunded if you hate the game?

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  1. eeh? nooo jajaj, what do you think? if the game is a trash you will not buy it, if you don’t know how is the game just download the demo, or try to see walktroughts of yb

  2. No , they put that in large print in the purcahse agreement and psn temrs , no refunds are given on psn purchases

    do you really think sony lets you buy a game , play it and decide you don’t like it then pay nothing? even a rental would cost money

    its the consumers responsibility to research gaems they want and only buy then if they think it is going to be good , if you change your mind afterwards that’s your fault for buying a game you didn’t like

    use your web browser , read reviews , check what the game rating is on psn , check some videos of it and ask freinds about it then if you think you might like it either look for a demo and try it first or buy it and take a chance

  3. Officially, all sales are final.

    However, they will give you a refund if there’s a technical problem with the game or and in rare caes if you’re very lucky. These aren’t guaranteed to happen, so don’t depend on being able to get a refund if the game works and you just don’t like it.

    We’ve all gotten stuck with games that we thought would be good and turned out to suck.

  4. I received a refund/credit when I purchased Tomba 2 and it was the Japanese version with no English translation.

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