Home Playstation Forum am i stuck with another piece of crap game system?

am i stuck with another piece of crap game system?


ok so i just found out that my ps3 wont play ps2 games, and out of all the ps1 games i have, it wil only play ff7 (up to the first fight, then i get a black screen(works fine on ps2/ps1)). Is it possible to buy a new system that actually has an emulator and transfer my saves? or is it like the xbox 3-shitty where im stuck with a piece of garbage thats just gonna blow up the day the warranty is up

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  1. Oh dude, Sony isn’t even trying to make decent and ps3 only games. Honestly the PS3 is a waste of time now adays. I hate to say it cause I loved the PS1 and the PS2. Those systems were must haves.

    The PS3 is a waste of time.

    Technically the XBOX360 IS also not worth buying if you own a powerful PC. It’s all microsoft. They have the monopoly and since they have windows they release almost ALL the games as “Games for windows”

    A monopoly is illigal BTW. Microsoft should burn in BEEP.

  2. Well um there are actually ps3 games if you didn’t know. Buy a ps2 if you want to play ps2 games. You need to do research.

  3. Why would you buy a state of the art machine to play 10 year old games? If I were you, and this is what I did, sell everything PS1 and PS2 and get yourself some PS3 games, and never look back. There are plenty of games on PS3 that are just as good as what was on the last two generations on machines.

    Besides, play a game in 1080p or even 720p and then pop in a PS1 or PS2 game; YUCK! No thank you!

    And by the way, just because your system doesn’t play last gen games doesn’t mean it will “blow up” after your warranty expires. It just means it is not compatible with that software. PS3 has a 0.2% fail rate. That is about as low as you can get for state of the art electronics!

    If you really have your heart set on playing old games, sell you current machine and get a 60 gig off ebay (they are about $350 – 400) or buy a PS2.

  4. So you bought a PS3 to play PS2 games and you didn’t even do your research when spending $400?

    I am sorry but this is no one’s fault but yours.

    Okay maybe I was being a bit harsh, but maybe you COULD have done a little research?

  5. Lets be real honest here, Sony has botched every step of the Playstation 3 from design to development to marketing and they still are.

    They’ve had so many variations of the PS3 that people assumed that ALL PS3 consoles would play PS2 games and they do not. Sony did a poor job of informing the buying public what the PS3 would or wouldn’t do.

    Then for some odd reason, they claim they removed Backwards Compatibility to sighting cost yet they keep selling bundled PS3 sets and I’m sure a $60 game costs as much as it costs to install the PS2’s “Emotion Engine CPU” and the PS2 “Graphics Chip”! So why Sony doesn’t include BC anymore is beyond especially when you have such a large user base of PS2 fans who still enjoy their PS2 games and want to play them.

    The only PS3 models that will play PS2 games are the 20 and 60GB launch models released in November 2006 and the two separate 80GB bundles namely, the Motorstorm and Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles released in 2007.

    Keep in mind that only the 20 and 60GB PS3 were near 100% Backwards Compatible because they each had the PS2’s Emotion Engine CPU installed on board!

    The 80GB Motorstorm and MGS 4 bundles used a software emulator to play PS2 games and as a result they were only moderately BC with PS2 games!

    Sony refuses to do two things that would potentially push PS3 sales up and that is adding BC and a price drop!

  6. thats your fault for not educating yourself. if you can find and then ask a question in a playstation forum, then you can direct yourself to sony’s playstation 3 site and educate yourself on their products and what they can and can not do. Do a little research next time, it takes all of 5 minutes.

  7. ARE you people on crack,its plays ps2 and 1,mine works fine,mines a 60g i dont think its means anything,but they play all playstation games,I just played music generater on it and god of war 1 and 2.it plays them ok i guess the 60g means something, sorry dude.that sucks

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