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A question about changing my PSN ID email?


if I change my email for my PSN account on the [url is not allowed] website what happens next time I try to sign into my PS3 and PS4 start with the PS3 first I currently have it set up so that I have to enter my password to my email every time I click sign into PSN so next time I try to get on my PS3 and play online will it show my new email or will I need to enter the new email and when I sign in will it be changed in account management already? and with the PS4 will I have to re-download my PS4 account or will it just auto update my email? what happens when I change my email from the SEN website for my PSN ID and what is the best way to change my email address for my PSN account? my PS3 PS4 or the SEN website?

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  1. like the other answer says you just need to change to the new e-mail on the console before you sign in if you change it using the website , if the console is set to sign in automatically it will fail the sign in until you change the e-mail address

    its just as easy to use the website or console on the ps3 for example you sign in then click on account management , account information – e-mail

    put in your password and change the e-mail address , that’s it. it will be changed on the console and next time you log in on a psn website you’ll just use the new one

  2. In short, all you have to do is just re-enter your new e-mail address when you sign in. That’s all. The consoles have no way of knowing you changed it so it does not automatically update, you have to do it manually.

    The best way is directly on the website as it’s on the computer it’s much easier than trying to navigate the console account system.

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