Home Xbox Games 007 Goldeneye Reloaded – Intro Xbox 360 Gameplay (Part 1 of 2)

007 Goldeneye Reloaded – Intro Xbox 360 Gameplay (Part 1 of 2)


007 Goldeneye Reloaded - Intro Xbox 360 Gameplay (Part 1 of 2)


  1. Afinal tem ou não tem esse jogo para Pc;ou quando é de pc na realidade é de emulador de nintendo wii.

  2. stupid game , the enemy most of the time shoot at you from sooo far they look like black dots !! and the AI is simply dumb, graphics look like it was made in 2004. weapons sound like crackers, enemies and fight scenes feel the same nothing new through out the game. even if you get it for free, ITS NOT WORTH PLAYING.

  3. I'm glad i check out youtube first for this game, feeling a bit disappointed now with no recoil on the AK47 and miss shots killing Russian soldiers.?

  4. 3:51 – 4:04
    Can someone please tell me where I can find the sound files for being detected and the music that played after that?

  5. golden eye on N64 still the best. coop was legendary fun.
    finally got my nintendo back in my new basement…

  6. Get your shit together before posting, I said that I don't care when the first GE game came out, CoD has been around for a long time and this came after them with gameplay style and design which looks very much alike. And is probably based on same game engine. I wouldn't be posting this if you wouldn't have been such a retarded fucking idiot and told me when the first game came out, NOW that is what nobody but retarded nerds compare and care about. And you can go fuck yourself, yourself.

  7. Well not this release of Goldeneye. The gameplay and it's elements look almost exactly as CoD, it's like a switch of character models and environment from CoD series. It feels like just another CoD game…

  8. No need to be fucking rude, It doesn't matter and I don't care, when the first Golden Eye came out, I am saying that it NOW looks like CoD. The gameplay and all.

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