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★ Guns of Icarus Online – We’re Going to Crash Into Things – Part 1


★ Guns of Icarus Online - We're Going to Crash Into Things - Part 1


  1. Use your real voice 100% of the time, all the little voices when narrating may entertain children, but from my perspective it will simply annoy the older age groups.

  2. Erma gerd just because you're the engie doesn't mean all you can do is fix things. You can help gun when your ship is not in immediate danger.

  3. I admire your dedication to your class, but watching you run around hammering things that were barely damaged when there was an empty gun and a ship right in the firing arc was pretty painful to watch… Engineers are capable of firing guns you know

  4. the gaming world needs more flying combat games. one of the most underrated genres in gaming. most of the current gen flying games are trash.

    those who dont agree with me should play rogue squadron 1 and 2, and crimson skies.

  5. How much does this game cost?? And can anyone check out my channel pls I only have 2 vids and 5 subs

  6. I'd have to say PS4.

    Microsoft made too many mistakes and tried to undo its decisions just to "fix" their reputation (and in all honesty, they didn't really fix anything but gave the power to the publishers to do exactly what made the xbox one bad). They took away features as punishment, too.

    While there are some unique titles like Project Spark that I'd be interested in trying, I am a Sony type of guy. Sorry, if that offends you. lol.

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