Home Xbox Forum You know on xbox live? please read?

You know on xbox live? please read?


you know it comes up on your msn name what game your on

well if your watching a DVD does it come up with the dvd your watching?

or do you have to sign in to xbox msn

sorry I’m like new to the whole thing haha

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  1. Yeah it says your watching a movie to all your friends but since there’s thousands of movies it wont say specifically what your watching due to Microsoft itself registering and labeling games to only work on 360 whereas. dvds work on a multitude of platforms. Its not xbox msn its called xbox live and your name is called a gamertag.

    Mine is Jt G 88 spelled exactly like that and I’m glad there are females not going with the stereotype that girls cant play games.There is an update this winter on xbox live that lets you invite your friends to watch the movie with you up to 8 and another update to allow twitter and facebook on xbox. So get ready. And another update to buy games on xbox live whole 360 games so no going to the store

  2. If your talking about the messenger, then no, it will say you are “Watching a video”, but will not specify.

  3. No it does not come up with what dvd you are watching. this is because all games are registered with microsoft and most have a sort of game i.d. that identifies it while dvds were not made for xbox 360 so they do not have this i.d. Happy Gaming. =D

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