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im grounded for 3 months and im lucky enough to have my xbox in my room.but thats about all i can do so i really wanted to buy the new map pack. i have a $30 target card and i can give u the code on it.u can buy stuff online if u have the code. i know 1600 points is $20 but im desperate and honestly an extra $10 is worth it. so if u have 1600 points please help me out. u will actuall make money. please im sick of these maps!!

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  1. The site the other kid gave you works, but is lame. Ive tried a lot of websites, where I feel like I do the right thing and get gipped. so here I will give you a site that actually works:

    [url is not allowed]

    It really works, and the offers you complete actually earn you points, it takes a while. Not gonna lie, 3 days if youre a bit dedicated, and im sorry youre grounded.

    And you should probably give that target card to a friend and have them buy the points for you then return the target card and the 1600 points for you. Much safer and reliable.

    but once again, if you wanna make some points for free, here you go:

    [url is not allowed]

  2. Yes, the new map pack is sick! If you end up getting a microsoft point card, watch my video. If you do it, the server will reply to you with another point card. You’ll be able to buy complete games, movie, and more off the marketplace. Lol this is not a scam or anything like that, simply just a microsoft server. Watch my video
    [url is not allowed]

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