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Xbox 360 Screen Freezes Can Be Fixed Easily


Xbox 360 screen freezes are becoming more frequent, and it gets worse during the summer time. Gamers are getting fed up with their games freezing up during intense game play, and The most likely trigger of this is the graphics chip overheating. To check if you have an overheating problem you can just Feel around your console for any hot areas. And when you are sure that you have located the problem area then you can begin to fix it.

Compared with the last Xbox console, the new Xbox 360 boasts a much slimmer and lighter design. Nevertheless,this comes with drawbacks reason being that the space inside the console and around the parts is severely limited, preventing the circulation of much needed cool air. As you use your Xbox 360, heat builds up inside this cramped enclosure and cannot escape easily. The end result of this is an eventual Xbox 360 overheating and freezing error. Oddly enough, for this type of powerful and heat producing machine, the Xbox 360 was not created with an adequate cooling system.

What Causes Xbox 360 Screen Freezes?

The graphics chip within the Xbox 360 can get extremely hot during game play; and that is why the Xbox 360 is designed to shut down quickly when the graphics chips temperature reaches a critical level. When this happens you will experience a screen freeze. This means that the graphics chip abruptly disengages no matter at what stage of the game you are on. But consider yourself lucky that you are only experiencing the Xbox 360 screen freezes, and take it as a warning. I say this because when your console constantly freezes on you; it soon leads to the red rings of death. That is why you must take appropriate steps to make sure that it does not get to that stage.

Limiting your gaming time is also a superb but not very popular option. Most people will not like the fact that their game time is limited. Especially those 24/7 gamers who never sleep. However, this will allow your Xbox to cool off for a while before you can put it to work again. Another helpful tip to help prevent Xbox 360 screen freezes is to blow away dust out of your console by using a can of compressed air. Dust build up over time will cause your system to freeze more frequently due to the graphics chips accumulating dust.

Your Best Solution

But If after applying these helpful hints your Xbox continues to freeze up, then getting it repaired is your best alternative. Even if you are able to have it repaired, sending it off to Microsoft may not be the right option for you as a gamer. The wait time in between might be too much for some gamers to handle. I mean it could take in excess of 6 weeks to get it back. And in response to this many Xbox 360 gamers have decided to invest in an expert Xbox 360 repair guide. These guides go into great detail to enable you to solve every Xbox 360 error that you are going to ever encounter. And dealing with Xbox 360 screen freezes will become a thing of the past. The benefit of having a good guide is that it will continue to save you money well into the future.

As you should be able to see, the upside of investing in the one of these guides make it a far better alternative than the choice of involving Microsoft. And what is great is that thousands of happy Xbox 360 avid gamers have have discovered that not only is it much quicker to fix your screen freezing problem on your own, but if your warranty has expired you will be faced with paying Microsoft’s hefty bill, but now they do not have to.

With this in mind, there are a good number of guides out there and its a good idea to choose the right one for you, that is why i made up my mind to make a comparison between 3 of the most popular ones out there to show you which one provides the best solution to [url not allowed].
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