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Okay, I ran into a problem when I decided I wanted to buy Grand Theft Auto on the PC just for the editor. My computer doesn’t have whats required to play it. So now I am trying to think of other options I might have and I thought that there was an xbox recording device but I didn’t know what it was called. Is there something you can use to record gaming on your xbox? And if you know of something, where can I get one and are they expensive? Please help, because if I don’t find one, I am shet out of luck of ever making videos.

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  1. Vegas Pro can slow down, speed up and do all the stuff of the video editor!

    Download it free here: [url is not allowed]

    you will need Utorrent from here: [url is not allowed]

    I would hurry up and read this because I’m certain it will be removed, but you seem like a nice guy so here you go!

    email me at [email is not allowed] for more info

  2. For the xbox its called a Capture Card. You can use it record your gaming/gameplay. So i guess this is exactly what you would want. This site will probably help a lot to you, it explains everything about them. [url is not allowed].

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