Home Xbox Forum xbox 260 120 gb hard drive?

xbox 260 120 gb hard drive?


i hav a 20 gb hard drive and im running out of memory so can i transfer my memory to a new 120 gigs

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  1. I think the 120gb hard drive comes with a transfer cable. If not, call Microsoft and ask to be shipped a transer cable.

  2. Yes. All you need to do is buy the 120GB HDD. It comes with a data transfer kit. Takes like two minuets to finish.

  3. yes you can all you have to do is call xbox @ 1800 469 9269

    and tell them that you would like to get a migration kit cable thell send it to you for free has no charge is a cable that from one end it connects to the xbox 360 trough a usb port and the other end plugs into the hard drive itself good luck

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